A Tribute to Teachers at BBCS on World Teachers Day


Today is world teacher day, a day to recognize the people who parents entrust their children for 30 hours or more every week.  Parents send their children to school so that you can teach them to read and write and to sing and to dance. They send us their children with the hope that they will be uplifted in ways that will allow them to find a path leading to success and the opportunity  to lead a fulfilling and fruitful life.   

Teaching  is a demanding and challenging job that we grow into over years of experience.  Many of you put in long hours planning and creating learning opportunities that we think will inspire and motivate your students.  Teaching is hard work. It’s not just teaching.  It’s about making connections with students who may not want to be there or who have family issues that weigh on their hearts and minds. It’s recognizing small gains and good efforts.   It is draining and exhausting because it is not just about teaching.  It is about building connections with kids and finding ways to deal with what they arrive to classrooms with or without…  It is about not giving up on the child who sometimes presents you with his worst and you have to find it in yourself to overlook that in order to see the child beneath that facade.  My friend David Rattray’s mantra is one that I force myself to believe  when kids present in this way: look for the beauty.  Look for the beauty. Look for the beauty.
I want to take this opportunity to commend you for all that you do.  

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