The First Storm of the Season!

The power went out in Bella Bella on Monday evening about ten minutes after we arrived home from a community settlement feast. Vic has just arrived back after a very quick business walk with our dog Eddy and in a split second we were cloaked in darkness, a darkness that we hadn’t seen in a long time.

All through the feast, the wind had been gusting to about 80km per hour and I wondered if the roof was going to blow off! People looked hesitantly at the ceiling with every howling gust of wind. I was in awe at the power of the wind. Torrential rains made it all the more intimidating as we maneuvered our way home.

Do you think we could find our flashlight? After looking in every possible place and wracking our brains as to where it might be, Vic found it! Eddy, in the meantime was so frightened of the storm that he put himself to bed and never came out until there was light in the sky the next morning.

Luckily I had made a pot of tea moments before the power went out so we sat in the candlelight and listened to the unrelenting storm.

The next morning a group of elementary teachers showed up to school despite the power outage and engaged enthusiastically with a DIBELS training session with two presenters who had flown in the day before. Linda and Madeline did a great job despite not having access to any of the power points that they had so meticulously prepared. I was so impressed with everyone’s willingness to engage with this process. After school today, this very tired, but highly dedicated group of teachers met to debrief the process that has consumed them since it began. One more day and they can finally rest!

We are settling into a season where the days will be shorter and the rain ever present. It will be harder to get out with my camera but I will wait for the smallest breaks to get out and capture life when it isn’t sunny and light. Maybe I need to turn my lens onto what is going on indoors- at school and in the community…

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