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A Photo Essay of BBCS and the Village Events….

Finding the time to blog is a challenge! This morning I opted to get out and take some photos since it was such a fantastic morning! With camera and tripod in hand, I set out with a friend to see what we could see. I realize that much of what I see often ends in iphoto and so this blog is simply a series of photos illustrating what we’ve been up to at school and in the community. The two co-exist in so many ways!

The high school basketball teams attended a basketball clinic in Jan. which seems like a long time ago, but since then, they have been involved in several tournaments and did very well.  I would love to see something for the midget aged children.  They need to experience a few sports: basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and simply playing outdoors.

With enthusiastic participation, we held our very first Aboriginal PALS (parents as literacy supporters) in early March and it was a very well-attended event.  The high school sewing students sewed up some book bags and students were provided with a book entitled STORM BOY along with crayons, scissors, and some crafts top bring home.  It was a great event which began with a meal and an opportunity to visit.  We want to host another evening sometime later this Spring for children from kindergarten to grade 1.  Developing a love of reading is a great way to get children curious and interested in the world of reading and learning.

The family cultural evening was  well-attended with many children coming out to practice traditional dances and some yummy treats.  Herring roe with oolichan grease, apples, and oranges were provided as nourishment to children who worked up an appetite with a couple of hours of dancing and visiting.

Winter had a grip on this community but Spring seems to have arrived.  Families have been busy with harvesting herring roe and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine! I noticed a hummingbird at the window this morning, but was unable to snap a photo of it even though I had my tripod set up ready to go…Wolves have been howling in the middle of the night and evidence of their presence can be seen in the community.  I have been waiting with camera in hand to see one with my own two eyes, but so far, I haven’t been successful.

Our boat will be in the water next weekend.  Seaweed picking time is coming up…

The school year is winding down but we have a lot left to do with several student fieldtrips planned.

Teacher recruitment will begin soon.  Watch for our postings!

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