“Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a
rather large amount of Gratitude.”
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Being so immobile as a result of my broken ankle has provided me with more time to think and ponder… I recognize how humbled and grateful I am for all the big and small things that so many people have extended to me. It has been truly amazing. I am so grateful!

Minutes after I stumbled off my decrepit sidewalk, many of my wonderful teaching staff and the husband of one of my teachers, an off- duty paramedic neighbour were at my side and many remained with me until the ambulance arrived an hour and a quarter later. Some helped load me onto the ambulance as the entrance is sloped in a terribly illogical way and it was a difficult maneuver. Over the next couple of day, they visited me at the hospital to ensure that the upcoming whole staff events would run smoothly in my absence. I was on serious narcotic painkillers while I waited to be air-ambulanced out but I somehow managed to maintain what I think were reasonably coherent conversations.

In my absence, the day long orientation day to Koeye went incredibly well. It was apparently a perfect day weather-wise and many teachers new to this area were overwhelmed by the beauty and the pristine area. They are traditionally barbecued fish done on cedar sticks and observed whales as they travelled on the boat.


The pro d day on Kagan Cooperative strategies, by all accounts, was a “shot in the arm” to teachers. Many have reported how successful the strategies have been in their classrooms.

Since i have been home, unable to get around very easily, I have had so many of my staff bring us, dinners, cake pie, and many well wishes. Delicious food! I plan to host a dinner of sorts when I am on my two feet as an expression of my gratitude.

One person in particular has been by my side throughout this entire event. My husband Vic has done absolutely everything since I returned home from my surgery. He has done everything from helping me to find the courage to maneuver my way in and out of our house on the sidewalk which I tripped off to bringing me tea and pillows to elevate my leg at the end of a work day and everything else. All this as he returned to work full time last week to replace a position that was vacated by a teacher. After I am on my two feet and the new teacher is hired, he will need a vacation.

I haven’t missed a day of work and I manage to get around with my wheelchair and crutches at school. I am still able to cruise the hallways to hustle high school kids to classes and I make every effort to greet the students when they arrive to school in the morning and after lunch. Many of the primary children automatically come over to give me a hug and offer to push me through the hallways on my wheel chair. One will push while another walks beside me to be the eyes for the one in the back. Intermediate kids simply want to walk beside me and get the gory details of how I broke my ankle. High school kids simply smile shyly and acknowledge my greeting. I realize my limits of being wheelchair bound but I can still do what matters most and that is to make daily connections with students and staff.

My heart is filled with gratitude and I long for the time when I will once again be mobile and independent, but I have discovered the goodness and kindness of people over these four weeks and I am grateful for it.


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