A Day with the Amazing Sue Gower!

I honestly do not know anyone whose level of enthusiasm and passion rivals that of Sue Gower. She left us with filled with the hope and commitment to do what it takes to impact student learning.

Professional Learning Community: A Journey that we will Embark on at BBCS The framework to guide us will be:

A. Focus on learning: impact on students

1.What is it that students need to learn and be able to do? (Essential learning outcomes)

2.How do we know they know it? (Common formative assessments)

3.What are we going to do if they don’t get it? (interventions) ie pipe cleaners as a learning strategy for teaching DNA

4.What are we going to do if they already know if? (Enrichment))

B. Collaborative culture: Work with other teachers. Together we’re better!

C. Focus on result. What does our data tell us?

Some Mantras to Live by:

Have high expectations for all kids

Challenge what we believe about student learning!

No longer accept the racism of low expectations!

The Big Six Shared Mission, Vision, Values and Goals: Let it flow from your lips and heart

Collaborative teams

Collective Inquiry

Action Orientation, Experimentation

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Results Focused – takes 2-3 yrs for change. It must be how we live, learn, and work. Attendance is crucial PLC at the school level.

The school and community develops and talk about our mission, vision, values, and goals

The school uses data to identify the greatest area of need (GAN)

The school follows the framework of PLC to address the need(s)

A PLC oriented school

A focus on process: to monitor, to intervene…

A way of thinking

A way of focusing our work

A way of living, of interacting,

imageBig ideas


Teachers work together

Kids learn because of what we do

What it looks like:

People working collaboratively

Considering essential knowledge and dispositions for students

Using assessment data to determine next steps

Believing that evidence can inform us.

PLC as a way to meet: Around a common purpose, collaboratively, To seek new ways to teach, learn, assess.  To recognize the importance of engagement

Constantly ask ourselves: What is our purpose? What do we hope to achieve? What are our strategies for Improving? How will we asses our efforts collectively?

The commitment I will make as a principal:

To participate in PLC groups to go through the journey

To provide time for teachers to meet regularly

To establish lead teachers to be the keepers of the agreed upon norms




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  1. Hello, Jan Gladish. Would if be helpful to your school to have a west coast author come visit? Perhaps we could discuss if you need to have a writer-in-residence. Thanks, Paula Johanson

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