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Recovering from a Broken Fibula and Tibia

X ray

After six weeks, my fibula and tibia are healed! Please have a look at the x ray which shows the location of the plate and two screws through my ankle and tibia. I find it fascinating that this hardware was inserted and contributed to the healing process. I am also amazed at how quickly the bones have healed. I can say that now, but there were times during the past six weeks that I wondered if I would ever heal…

I was ecstatic to hear those words from Dr. McConkey until I realized I still have a long ways to go… Since Thursday, I have progressed from walking on the boot cast with my crutches to walking short distances wearing my very sensible shoes with the aid of a walker. I had no idea that this stage of the recovery would be so incredibly hard and painful. I have been physically and emotionally exhausted at the end of each day! My ankle is stiff and needs physiotherapy, but my knee is all of a sudden having to start working and it is giving me  intense pain. The incision site is getting better every day. The vitamin d drops and multi-vitamins may have helped with the healing.

Yesterday I planted my bare foot on the ground sort of, and it looked and behaved like a discoloured purplish  flipper. Today though, between my walks up and down the hallway, I have spent quite a bit of time sitting in a chair with knees slightly raised and bent to give some relief to the knee pain and to the swelling.

This is day five and painkillers provide some relief to the knee pain. This week will be a challenge for me as we have a couple of evening events at school. My husband will continue to drive me 300 metres to school and back until I feel able to make that walk as it means taking on a hill with no sidewalk and loose gravel.  The sidewalk outside our house is one of the biggest challenges as it is in disrepair and quite eroded.

I don’t wish this on anyone, but I fully understand what it means to be dependent on having help for things such as opening and closing doors: carrying my tea to me; making my meals; doing my laundry; and providing regular encouragement.

To everyone who has helped me, including the children at school with their ready hugs, thank you! I know that I will see improvement with each week especially once I start physiotherapy.

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