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2015 Grads, It’s Your Time!

2014 is done! Our Christmas holidays are done! We are heading down the home stretch to the term end which is Jan. 30th. It is appropriate to recognize and congratulate staff and students for for staying the course with such conviction.


2015 Grads, you are on the home stretch and this may well be your 14th year if we include preschool and kindergarten as part of your time at school at BBCS or somewhere else. Be thinking about what you want to be doing a year from now. 2-3 years from now. Maybe even 3-7 years from now…

Next year or even 3 years from now, will you be gainfully employed or waiting to be employed? Will you be in school somewhere studying for a career or a job that will allow you to be independent. Will you be somewhere where you can experience something different? Will you be ready or willing to be challenged like you never have before. Will you be wishing you had been more focused in high school?

Think for moment about graduation. Who will be sitting there clapping and cheering for you when you graduate from high school? Mom, Dad, Grandparents. Aunts? Uncles? Your best friends? Imagine yourself in a cap and gown receiving your certificate. Think about what it will take to make that cheering crowd a reality. See yourself as a grad and think of that often especially when you feel discouraged. Everyone goes through that and if you think of it as a minor setback, it can help you to pick yourself up and brush it off and carry on.


Imagine yourself packing a suitcase and heading off somewhere to train for a great job that pays well and is something you will enjoy. Imagine it and then work toward that with everything that you have. Talk about this often with someone who is your biggest and best cheerleader!


The BBCS expectation is this: that you will finish high school and make a transition toward further training or gainful employment so that you can become independent and self-sufficient. When your teachers hold you back for study hall or hassle you to get here on time, it is because they want the best for you. Graduating from high school is a minimal achievement in the big picture of life, but don’t miss out on this important milestone. Be a part of it!


I want to ask you to dig deeply to find the will to see what you can do if you put your mind and your will into it. You might surprise yourself and you might find yourself standing alone with that, but it is a sacrifice worth making. Finally, when you need help, ask for it. When you are discouraged, close your eyes and imagine the pride on the faces of the people who love you when you cross the stage as a grad of BBCS.

Happy New Year to the grads of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019….


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