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The Little Spirit Club

The Little Spirit Club at BBCS

On Friday, Oct 10th at 3:10, I realized we were heading into a long weekend. I went into my vice principal’s office, knowing full well that he was intensely focused on a time-sensitive task. I suggested that we take a break and move into the hallways to say goodbye to the kids and wish them a wonderful weekend. We happily abandoned our work and headed out.

As I stood at the Eagle head doors saying good-bye to the children as they made their way out the door, I could see Mr. Douglas walking down the hallway singing and playing his ukulele. A group of children smiled in awe as they walked alongside him – the pied piper wearing a check shirt. It filled my heart to see the joy on the children’s faces. The small act of greeting them as they left the building brought smiles to every face as each child left the building; it is possible though that the two administrators wore the biggest smiles at the end of that day.

Something else has taken hold of the heart of the school. It is called The Little Spirit Club. The club formed with a handful of intermediate students with a mission to recognize birthdays and to plan school events intended to raise the school spirit in the building. Their favoured event, it seems is Pajama Day as there have been several PJ Days. Membership in this club grew overnight as so many children clamored to be part of this wonderful club.

Each child’s birthday is recognized with the rallying spirit of about forty children singing in various tones and volume levels. The birthday child is also given a cherished birthday badge to wear for the rest of the day and it is worn with great pride. I’ll never forget one birthday event. During a rousing birthday song in the high school learning center, I watched an intermediate child spontaneously leap onto the lap of a high school kid to give him a great big hug and a big smile; the high school kid was overwhelmed with both surprise and heartfelt emotion.

The club has grown to about forty members as everyone wants to be part of the club whose enthusiasm and energy is able to light up the face of the “coolest” kids in the building. When the club moves, the children fill the hallway and they fill the hearts of onlookers as they go about their mission – to recognize someone special.

At the Christmas concert, several Little Spirit Club members distributed wrapped gifts to random children in the audience. These gifts were donated by children who found it in their hearts to give away some of their most cherished toys so that someone else could enjoy them. They worked hard to wrap each gift and to put ribbons and bows around the most bulky stuffies in order to be able to gift it to someone. One child commented about how hard it was to give her toy away but she wanted to do so that someone else could enjoy it as she did when she was younger.

Every child and indeed, every human want to be “seen” and to feel that they “belong” and The Little Spirit Club is making this happen at BBCS.


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